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HoopDreams Scholarship Fund participants PARENTS-MENTORS
K-80: Find the tools that really help you get self-organized ...at any agetm

In the role of the parent of a child you are helping with organizing skills, there is a unique challenge. Being too invasive can have the opposite effect you are hoping for, pushing the child away, resulting in lost opportunities to enable desired outcomes.

The DocOA system solves all of that in a simple transparent way. You can allow our child to own the process, and assist as an archiving or filing helper. When a notebook check is done, you can be there to "see" what the state of the child's world is, since everything goes in a specific place, and there is a place for everything.

Mentors have it a little easier, since they may have been asked to help and the process might be more mutual. in either case, the same principle applies-file and watch-to your joy and the success of the child.

Another advantage of starting with the DOCOA system is that once these skills are learned, the same system can be used to organize and prepare college applications. Check out the program we have under grades9-12 where the model for how this works with the HoopDreams kids was implemented.

>>Click here if you are a mentor or parent helping a student use the CollegeBoundtm Binder
to organize their college applications;

>>If you are a Parent or Mentor and are dealing with a child that has attention challenges, you may be a good candidate for Peak Performance Tutoring. Please click here to find out more about how to get special attention for your child's attention challenges!

In the meantime, when you go to the shopping cart, products and services are organized by category of user and product, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for!

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