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There are many archiving products available at retail that will work with the DOCOAtm system. The most important concept in implementing DOCOA is to streamline the daily binder at the end of a unit. Use this material to learn more about archiving approaches when using Bookwindow® compatible products.

The DOCOAtmsystem uses the tri-divided file folder in the initial training to show a student how to keep their papers segrated when they archive by unit. This pocket works hand in hand with the tri-pocket to ensure that work is kept together in the group or context in which it was collected. Check out the simulator to see how this training reinforces the idea of segrating work by category within a unit and subject! This tool is like training wheels for a bicycle. You can bridge to any of the systems we discuss here. That said, there is no reason not to continue with the divided folder if your budget can provide for this folder component.

Once the notebook check program is implemented at the school, and is synchronized with the parent at home, any of the archiving tools will serve the end purpose.

Our research has indicated that a set of color coded 2 inch ring binders works well. Other archiving solutions include boxes, crates, file folders, or just neatly stacked piles.

The key with archiving is to keep a unit of work together maintaining homeworks, tests and quizzes, class notes, reports, and other categories in their respective groups. Keep these groups by unit within a subject whenever possible. Color Code by subject, and you will be fine.

Work with your school and find out if the teachers archive in the classroom. If they do, that may be all you need for now. If they dont, then find out when you can archive at home. Dont archive or file at home if the teacher requires the papers week to week. But if there is no concept for archiving in your child's classroom, then this is definitely something you should bring up with your child's teacher or the administrator that worry's about classroom best practices. Establish an effective notebook check system so your child can be shown how to carry around only their "mission critical" information. This will keep the load light, and up to date.

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