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Company Profile

PEI was formed in 1989 to develop and ensure the manufacture of new, more powerful and productive stationery based notebook and filing tools for children and adults at home, in school, and in the office.

PEI is now Productive Education LLC (PE LLC). The decision to reincorporate and rebrand the company as an education company was based on feedback from all of our happy customers. We are pleased to bring our innovative technologies and products to the opportunity of improving education in the US.

The master keys to organizing literacy are provided with our new and newly branded products and curriculum:
DocOA(Document Organizing Assistant pronounced "Doc OA") and
Organize360-our classroom model for easy 1-2-3 implementation of organizing literacy at the grade or school wide level.

PE LLC has focused it's primary research and development to establish a formal bridge between paper and electronics, so as to more readily facilitate the efficient and effective migration of a student from a notebook onto a computer. The purpose at hand is urgent, not only in the need to improve educational outcomes through innovative approaches to teaching and learning, but to truly increase the success and desire to learn by every student through increased satisfaction with the learning process at home and at school. We believe that delivering technology into this space is the most powerful way to make a contribution. So the company is structured as a licensing venture in order to ensure that those that want to participate as partners in manufacturing, service, and education can become players. Our portfolio of patents along with our active outlicensing program, our bridge stationery products, our gaming and simulation tools, and our sponsorship of a national initiative in Organizing Literacytm through our Eduation Futures Program serve to define our company. But to achieve true success, we must succeed in the stationery products category first, and the last 17 years of our company's work has been focused in this arena.

As a proud member of SHOPA, the School, Home, and Office Products Association, we work to set new standards of excellence in both products and services for getting better organized using traditional stationery products. We develop both the products(tools) and the methods for using them to become better organized with papers, notebooks, files, calendars, and other traditional stationery products. We partner with established manufacturers and service providers to ensure access to these new capabilities on a world wide basis.

PE LLC has been recognized as one of the leading innovators in developing and delivering new and useful stationery products for children and adults. PE LLC's partners are achieving unparalleled success in customer satisfaction. A parent of a school age child using one of the Bookwindow® products comments, "My child is really learning the skill of keeping and finding things himself. There are some children who are naturally organized, and other children who are not going to be as organized, but given the Bookwindow® tools to work with, they will learn that skill, and I think that's a skill that's going to carry through a long, long time in their life." A teacher comments, " I have yet to come across a piece that's as universal and as geared toward teaching what we want students to learn about organization as I have with the Bookwindow® powered organizer products."