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PE LLC's Mission

DOCOA organizing assistant logo It is our goal to empower every child and adult to become a more effective and skillful organizer of information. We seek to accomplish this by providing better tools for "computer compatible" paper organizing of information. These tools include our Bookwindow® compatible family of products including the DOCOAtm Organizing Assistanttm and the curriculum module Organize360tm.

DOCOA organizing assistant logo PE LLC has created and is dedicated to maintaining and improving what we call the "Bookwindow® standard for organizing": a set of products, best practices and services that deliver on the promise of achieving improved organizing skills through Organizing Literacytm. The full line of these tools and the portfolio of interventions that have been developed utilize our extensive research into cognitive learning and study skills. The key ideas are a delivered in the tools and in our learning module we call Inventive Learningtm. We deliver these tools in our direct to school program. We license this technology as a body of patents, trademarks, and copyrights to channel partners to build a whole product around the Bookwindow® standards.

We work with our licensed manufacturing partners to build the tools in the form of new and improved notebooks, binders, calendars, organizers, file systems, games, cellphones, computer GUI's, and curriculum modules: products that implement and teach the new and more powerful Bookwindow® methods of filing, organizing, and record keeping. Our dedication to working with these innovative leaders to ensure the successful manufacture and delivery of Bookwindow® powered products is unparalleled in the industry.

Whether you are a child or an adult, working in a school, home, or business, PE LLC is committed to provide the products and services designed to enhance your organizing experience using the Bookwindow® family of products.

Our recent work improving education with middle schools in the community has resulted in some important innovations in curruculum which PE LLC is in the unique position to develop and offer to the market. One recent improvement is the delivery of an improved version of BinderBuddies® system , DOCOA Organizing Assistant as a school wide binder organizing solution. When this tool is combined with Organize360. it's possible to build a community of organizers around the idea that everyone is an organizing engineer. In this one time, one period installation, we deliver the new bundled all-in one product called the DOCOA Organizng Assistant with an innovative student centered intervention in which it is possible to achieve a true metacognitive shift in the student that allows them to focus on innovating in their basic learning skills. The results are compelling.

>>Find out more about this new intervention and turn your students into Organizing Engineerstm

Find out how to become a part of our team and implement the system at your school by following the link >>Find out more about how to be a school partner with DOCOA.