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tutoringplus participants GRADES 4-8
K-80: Find the tools that really help you get self-organized ...at any agetm;

Our research has shown that implementing DOCOA in grades 4 or 5, just prior to matriculation is wise. We call this an "early intervention". During this contained classroom experience, the teacher parent and child can form relationships around the organizing process. This approach allows the child to own the portfolio, the teacher to have a simple "classroom operating system" and the parent to view the process transparently.

The role of the parent in the organizing process can be solidified as a binder archiving assistant. It's great for the parent to see the outcomes in real time, without having to wait for teacher visits and other periodic interventions.

6th grade is a "just in time" intervention. This is the moment of truth for many students, and the lack of a strong organizing model at this age can be an impedence to achievement as the stakes in the game are upped. Use the all in one approach at first, if starting in 6th, but be ready to allow for the distributed solution as soon as the child gets comfortable with the tools.

7th and 8th grade are truly late interventions. These children are set in their ways, and often have a system they wont change, if thay have one at all. Here we recommend using our Design-Engineering intervention, Organize360, to "install" the tools and ensure ownership by the child. Feel free to call or email with your inquiry. We can offer this intervention via web elearning, in-school groups, or in our Hopkington office.

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