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Binderbuddies Binderbuddies Binderbuddies
>>Shop for DocOA products
DOC-OA®(pronounced "Doc-Away") products allow anyone to instantly create their own binder or notebook organizing system without any prior training. Based on the proven BinderBuddies system, they are now available as a turnkey(all-in-one) solution called DOCOA, "the DocAway" kits include covers, bookrings, pencil case, 2 column Cornell format notebooks, and archiving folder for the simplest and least expensive solution to the document organizing dilemma,
->All kits offer a one-touch organizing system. Choose from new and improved twin pocket folders, tri-pocket index dividers, and pop out SpeedPadstm.
->All kits fit any 3-ring binder. If you elect BinderBuddies pockets, we recommend any strong 1.5" D-ring binder. DOCOA kits come with their own covers and 1.5" book rings.