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DocOAtm installs in one classroom period
at less than the cost of a text book
and doesn't require curriculum change
...Finally a way to transparently insert innovation and technology into Study Skills!
...Take your school one step further with Organize360tm, the only classroom module that can turn both your teachers and your students into organizing engineerstm
 Teacher Mentor Parent edition  Teacher Mentor Parent edition

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>>DocOA: your preferred binder recommendation

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DocOAtm is a self-instructive turnkey organizing kit. It can be given to any student and used out of the box to get that student to be better organized. DocOA is built on the proven BinderBuddies system of pockets. A basic DocOA kit includes all 6 color coded subject pockets, rings, covers, pencil case, 2 Column Cornell Notebooks, Preprinted stickers for categorization, and down load support for basic use. DocOA is self-instructive and installs for less than the cost of a text book.

The primary objective of DocOA is to provide "a text book" for the document handling part of any on-going study skills programs. DocOA comes with a basic download package of student and teacher forms that permit any school to replace their calendar/organizer and integrate a robust event based calendar system right in DocOA. All that is needed is the correct use of our recommended calendar and planner forms. This is a powerful hybrid solution that cuts 70% of the weight out of the planner and over 50% of the size and weight of old school 3 ring binders. DocOA is the prefered choice for any school that makes or employs a "binder recommendation". This is simply the best document management solution you can select. It is delivered in a self-instructional kit that works right out of the box.

Take into further consideration the BINDER INDEPENDENT design of DocOAtm. The tool is delivered in an all-in-one solution with "book rings" and durable covers so that the system works out of the box without needing to use a 3-Ring Binder! And it is virtually indestructable, light weight, and modular. It can be divided into sections or organized all in one ring set. If a good 3 Ring Binder option is preferred, just put the kit pockets in that Binder. A 1.5" D-Ring is recommended for optimal performance. DocOAtm is compatible with all 3-Ring Binders.

DocOA is pronounced Doc "Away" to remind users that putting documents away using a clever categorization model is the key to finding them in less time. DOC-OA implements a design paradigm developed by David Schwartz, founder, during his masters work in computer science at MIT. The idea centers on "Data Accessed & Viewed in Individual Documents" and is based on the simple notion that Information is a "current and relevant set of data" and that data, in the form of content, is found on individual documents. Once this data is suitably gathered and viewed, reprocessing and rediscovery occurs and this leads to the formation of new Knowledge. Learning is the process of reconstituting such information again and again, until the knowledge is suitably applied, a behavior that is often referred to as intelligence. Tools such as DocOAtm OA facilitate this process for paper documents. The same principles can be translated to the digital world!

Schools that have found our tools love them because they allow for more efficient operation of the classroom. As it has been told, with DocOA you can let your students help run the classroom portfolio management system so you can spend less time organizing and more time teaching. Many schools with "school supply checklists" prefer DocOA. DocOA levels the playing field for all students in a simple turn key configuration that has everything a student needs to file and organize their papers. The covers can be personalized to the taste of each student. Gone are the overdesigned, heavy, and cumbersome 3-Ring Binders in which students stuff "everything". DocOA is simply the lightest weight durable solution that does one thing very well. Students can put their papers away and find them in RECORD TIME. Once this process is reinforced, which takes about a week or less, it is a habit that will keep for the rest of their life.

Whether you use CLASSIC BinderBuddies, or elect the more robust and efficient DocOA Organizing Assistant, our tools are th preferred choice, because with our "system architecture" it's about categorization and filing first and search second. This simple idea and its best practice implementation is the key to unlocking the knowledge power of data on documents, whether paper or digital.

DocOA is also the preferred way to integrate technology into the instruction of filing and organizing for document handling. The tools employ ideas from computer design to provide an innovative Binder System that offers natural insight into filing and organizing with class room papers,in much the same way filing and organizing is handled on a computer. The innovative nested pocket set offers a simple way to "put and get" papers that works uniformly for each subject. The pockets are designed so that storage and access to papers is instantaneous: the rings never have to be opened or closed.

The advantage of employing DocOA for binder organizing is two fold. First, the tool is provided in an easy to use self-instrucional kit readily owned by the student, freeing the teacher from frustrating arguments about getting and staying organized. Second, since the binder system operates around the basic principles of Organizing Literacytm, DocOA is the only system that offers an intuitive means to transition students from paper to electronics.

DocOAtm is completely self-instructive. In the student edition, it can be implemented right out of the box to provide a school wide organizing standard. Read on to find out about Organize360tm our innovative curriculum for delivering DocOA. When a school embraces the DocOA standard, we encourage them to train their teachers as if their teachers were students. With this approach, we are able to build a community of organizing engineers. Schools that want to take this approach can employ our powerful TEACHER Edition. Both kits provide simulation and gaming software. The teacher edition also includes an innovative Teacher Planner and a copy of the book Growing Smarter, written by founder DocOA C. Schwartz. See below for more information on Organize 360.

Organize 360tm Curriculum:
a "one-time, one-period" classroom intervention that turns every student into an Organizing Engineertm

DocOA organizing assistant logo DocOA organizing assistant logo

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Organize 360tm is a powerful way to extend DocOAtm and can be implemented as an entry level module or as a full term program. The entry level implementation can be completed in about one 45 minute period. Sometimes it is advantageous to use a double class room period to allow for contingencies or if student motor skills are limited in any way. The full term program can be utilized in any study skills or academic study block using a portion of 1 period per week for reinforcement activities.

The primary objective of Org360 is to provide a collaborative, inquiry based, team building experience designed around the concept of "programming a thinking machine" as a metaphor that allows each child to own his or her own filing and organizing tool kit. The method of installation employs the 8 step design-engineering methodology recommended by the National Center for Technology Literacy and adopted by Massassuchetts for its MCAS standards in design and engineering. We map to and inform this standard in the intervention, so you gain the additional advantage in using this approach that students come away with new learning standards for problem solving.

Org360tm basic edition, is a great choice as a front end intervention to any project based learning curriculum. For example, it is an ideal starting session for any robotics work shop. the Organize360tm module engages the students in a shift in thinking about both organizing and learning, enabling a more effective project experience with your primary core curriculum materials. In these installations, you can elect to use a 1 Subject DocOA kit for the machine that is made, and this kit then becomes the project or lab notebook. This is a great way to introduce Organizng Literacy to your school in an economical way that teachers, parents, and students can all appreciate.

In a basic implementation that employs the full 6 Subject DocOA , you have a means to install in a one-time intervention, a tool that is the first of it's kind to integrate instruction in Design-Engineering and Computer Fluency in it's teaching method. When you elect to use this curriculum, we have found it wise to teach the teachers in the cluster first. This takes a 1 period intervention and is the foundation to implementation at the cluster level. Org360 incorporates reinforcement of the 4R's(Record-Rediscover-Reprocess-Review)tm and integrates Cornell Notetaking in a powerful Inventive Writingtm thread.

We can also provide an innovative 2 period installation with enrighment as well as a term long program. In the enrichment module, the system installs in a double class room session for a grade or cluster but incorporates extensions in filing and organizing on the computer. The full term program contains other enrichments in what we refer to as "the physics of organizing" and continues through the term as a complementary part of main stream academic study block or study skills.

Organize360tm incorporates simulation and gaming eLearning sessions for both teacher and student and includes a complete professional development module designed around our powerful Teacher Planner.

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