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Peak Performance Tutoring
This 20 minute portion of step 4(make)/step 5(test) is from a tutoring session.
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The key to the program is all about linking together the Student, the Family, and the School with the goal of increasing student performance.

The central tool that is used to accomplish this is a revolutionary binder/notebook organizing system called DocOA(pronounced "Doc Away"). DocOA is based on the proven BinderBuddies system for academic organizing.

The method that is used to embrace the student participant is an intervention designed to allow the student to visualize themself as a "self-organizng engineer".

The organizing part of the mentoring technique challenges the student to build a DocOA as a "thinking machine". By treating organizing as a process defined by a simple grammar with a clear vocabulary and semantics, it is possible to engage students in a fun and discovery based exploration. The program includes the clever use of a digital simulator to enhance the overall experience as well as a video game that utilizes symbolic reasoning.

The reason PE LLC is able to rapidly enhance student organizing skills is that DocOA is a robust dynamic physical system that emulates the way in which a computer files and organizes. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world are responsible for computer based technologies. Emulating these design principles in DocOA permits teaching the very same principles underlying the design of computers.

The research based methodology is called "David Schwartz Organizing Dynamicstm(DSOrgDynam)" and is the simplest, shortest, and most efficient tutoring process of it's kind that allows for the unique, student centered discovery of their "critical thinking machinery" and leads to a more rapid experience of the life changing transformation in child behavior called self-organizing. Others that wish to use these techniques in their own tutoring practices should consider getting trained as mentors. We fully expect parents that want to take a proactive approach to enriching their children's education will want to be come "temporary mentors" by participating directly in the multi-session peak performance sessions.

DSOrgDynam may be coupled with state of the art techniques in Peak Performance Therapy from the field of psychotherapy. When Peak performance tutoring is used in combination with the DOC-OA Organizing Assistant tools and the Organize360 meta-cognitive shift, the intervention is even more effective. When professionally administered, it is able to deliver a process at warp speed that is highly multi-dimensional and has been shown to yield a self-sustaining performance upgrade. The psychlogical intervention integrates EMDR in our unique variation on Peak Performance tutoring perfected especially for organizing children by Sharon Schwartz*, Director of clinical services at Turning Point Counseling Services, in cooperation with David Schwartz**, founder of Productive Education LLC. The performance results can vary and current research is being directed at improving best practices to yield even higher returns to the child.

DocOA and Organize360 are very simple to implement and are fully compatible with school supply checklist programs for binders being implemented at many schools around the country. Many schools are looking at this program as an alternative to the outdated, linear methods of the standard binder recommendations. They are finding the Organize360tm recommendation for a one time curriculum intervention to be the preferred way to seamlessly introduce these practices into standard classroom practices.

When an entire grade or school adopts DOCOA, often the advantages of the new behaviors can accrue collaboratively to students through peer mentoring, allowing for the guidance counselor to select out only the most needy students for this additional tutoring.

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*Sharon Schwartz received her BS in Child Develpment and Family Studies from Cornell University and her MSW in clinical psychotherapy from the Boston University School of Social Work. Sharon has run her private practice in Hopkinton MA for the past 27 years. In the last 7 years she has become recognized as an international speaker for her work adapting EMDR treatment to young children and is working on innovative Peak Performance applications.

** David C. Schwartz received his BSEE from Cornell University and his MSEE from MIT where he studied computer science. He received his MBA from the Graduate School of Management of Boston University. David worked as a practicing engineer and computer professional for 16 years before forming Productive Environments, Inc in 1989 to conduct his research and development in a new field he has labeled Advanced Stationery Products(ASP). ASP specializes in developing pseudo digital manipulative tools that can provide a bridge from paper to electronics. In the past 6 years he has perfected his David Schwartz Method of Organizing Dynamicstm and is working on innovative applications in Peak Performance. In 2007 PEI was renamed PE LLC, for Productive Education LLC in keeping with the core focus of the company on improving education among students and adults of all ages.

->Mentors that want to perform this service, contact us for details.
->For platinum edition purchases, materials to conduct this session are included.

PeakPerformance Tutoring