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Better Organizing Tools for Teaching Teachers,
who Teach Student Mentors(as "Notebook Doctors"),
who in turn, teach to the new grade or to the freshmen

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Binder with BookBuddies DocOA ("Doc Away")
(previously BinderBuddies®)

allows anyone to instantly create their own binder or notebook organizing system without any prior training.

DocOA offers a one-touch organizing system with new and improved twin pocket folders, tri-pocket index dividers, document holers, and pop-out SpeedPad pad writing tablet. It fits all 3-ring binders and wirebound notebooks.   

Why use DocOA Pockets & Pad Holders?
Please note DocOA is the new branding for these document handling tools

Twin pocket folders have been around for decades, as have index dividers with pockets and pad holders, so why use these new and improved stationery products?

Each item is an improvement over the item it replaces.

Our Twin Pocket Folder has slots instead of holes that allow the folder to open and lie flat without tearing when placed in a three ring binder. This allows for the nesting of papers and other pockets inside the twin pocket folder for deeper and better paper and document organizing support.

The Index Divider has not one, not two, but three stacked pockets that allow papers to be grouped and held securely. This allows units of work like related homework, tests, quizzes, and handouts to be stored together until they are no longer needed. When the papers are filed for reference this way, they stay together and can be more readily found for review.

The Speedpad® pop out pad holder, guarantees that you will always have a clean sheet of paper for taking notes or starting a homework, and it gives you access to that paper in an instant, without turning a page. It also works as a book mark for your work. Just leave it in the binder where you last left off to instantly access your project later. And it can be folder out and placed on the top of the binder allowing it to be used like a clip board--neat and compact for use in cramped spaces, like a school desk.

A One-Touch Organizing System

When you combine the BinderBuddies? pieces into a One-Touch Organizing System, you have a sensible place for each and every kind of paper you handle, which dramatically increases the chances of finding those pages quickly when you most need them... That's what getting and staying organized is all about. The big news is that organized students will find themselves learning more and getting better grades!

Improved Organization = Improved Performance

Once the One-Touch Organizing System is in place, communication between students, teachers and parents improves. Students are in command of their work flow; teachers can focus on curriculum rather than wasting time while students fumble for the correct pages; and parents can easily see what is happening with their children's school work. With improved communication from day to day, the flow of thought and energy can shift to content and learning which can be a key catalyst to improved student performance.

Check out the research results at the Fay School to see what kind of change in performance can be achieved with a little hard work and BinderBuddies?.