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HoopDreams Scholarship Fund participants GRADES 1-3
K-80: Find the tools that really help you get self-organized ...at any agetm;

Believe it or not, ages 5-8 is the ideal time to give your child their first DOCOA organizing product. We provide a durable binder that the student can decorate and make their own.

In Gr 1-3 a single nested pocket should suffice. Use the document pocket as a "two way communicator". Use the front twin pocket for general take home papers. Use the rear twin pocket for general bring back papers. The tri-pocket can be used for "projects" in the current unit. If more than one unit occurs simultaneously, add more tri-pockets to the system. If you keep everything nested, the filing approach will carry into the next grade.

In the meantime, when you go to the shopping cart, products and services are organized by category of user and product, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for!

>>Click here and shop for DOCOA products for your elementary school child in grades 1-3;