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Jobs at PE LLC

PE LLC is actively seeking mentors, tutors, affiliates, and resident experts at schools to join our growing network of professional DOCOAtm organizers.

These job opportunities are unparalleled in their ability to give immense satisfaction, by enabling you to help those most in need of getting better organized. By helping a child really achieve their peak performance in school, you will be helping them on their path to getting into the college of their choice.

The positions vary with geography and experience and can be a worthwhile complement to your personal and career growth. Most of the positions are part-time, so you can continue to do what has served you so well, while exploring this valuable growth opportunity-so expand your horizons with us! Positions are open throughout the country so apply-you have nothing to loose.

There are two ways to apply:
(1)Electronic mail:email us your cover letter including your region and school district(required) and attach a resume in .doc
Apply by mail: jobs@bookwindows.com
(2)Fill out a Job Application:
Fill out a job application: >>job application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to review the various ways to work with PE LLC-follow this link,
>>Find out more then return here to send in your application.