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The purpose of this program is to establish resident experts around the country that want to teach, install, and train students to use the powerful notebook organizing tools which are part of the BookWindow® family of products. These individuals can be study skills tutors, teachers, parents, home schoolers, college students, piano lesson tutors, big brothers and sisters, counselors, or others that play a direct role in the education of a student or group of students. The students that they tutor may have received the BinderBuddies® products from their school or they may have purchased a part of the BinderBuddies® system at a fine retail establishment. The Mentor/Single Expert has access to the full kit and training materials and is able to sell the complete kit or upgrade their customer to a complete kit. Mentor/Single Experts are trained and skilled in the provision of the "David Schwartz Organizing Dynamics Method(DSOD)". Typically their students will be part of a grade or class at any school, public, private, charter, or home school. The students may be members of clubs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America, YMCA, YWCA or like or similar youth oriented organizations. Tutors can show older students that want to provide a service to other younger students in their influence how to establish themselves as "edupreneurs" in their local schools working with the tutor to expand on the best practices day to day. To join this program, you must establish an account with us and purchase a Mentor/Single Expert package and license. This package comes with a complete starter kit that includes training materials on the DSOD method and one of each of the products in the entire family, along with a hardcopy of the book "Growiing Smarter" and a handsome canvas zipper binder which you can use for demonstrations and teachning. This program also entitles you to purchase producs on a split case basis so you can match your product needs to your tutoring practice on demand. You can elect to purchase binder and notebook products on a case basis at a special discount as your practice grows. The additional value added a tutor will provide is in the area of Peak Performance Training. Peak Performance tools expand the scope of the tutors portfolio of goods and allow them to ensure the maximum outcome for each child in their practice. The Mentor/Single Expert license comes with a basic guide on how to employ Peak Performance techniques beginning with your first tutoring session. The selection and use of additional Peak Performance tools is optional. The tools in the Peak Performance program are being expanded and bundled packages will be made available as this program extension is further developed.
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or call 508-370-0228 and mention "Become a Tutor".

The purpose of this program is to locate individuals from our mentor/tutor network that want to expand the mentoring program in their region by helping us to locate and bring on board other mentor/tutors they are willing to sponsor. The approved associate can and should continue to provide direct services in order to both maintain a constant level of service in their region as well as to stay on the leading edge of best practices in the delivery and service of customers using the bookwindow® compatible organizing literacy tools. The significant role that the Associate plays is to form a group of other tutors that can provide at least the same level of quality service and to extend the reach of the valued services in their region. Each major city may have more than one Associate. It is the company's policy, however, to establish one Associate in a substantial enough region so that each Associate can create and manage an appropriate team of tutors. Please contact us directly to get more details on how the Associate program is being designed for your own region. Associates and their tutors deal with individual consumers and administer tutoring on a one-on-one basis or in groups. They can work closely with the VAR in their territory to grow their services. The VAR sells directly to schools or school buying groups in regions around the country and can provide ready customers in need of remedial work in the David Schwartz Organizing Dynamics method and daily use. VARS will often use tutors or an associates team of tutors to help ensure the successful installation of BinderBuddies® products and the service business in their region. VARS will be connected with affiliates and tutors in their territory in order to ensure that there is a coordinated effort to cover the customers in each geography. Please contact PEI directly and ask for the ASSOCIATES Program.
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or call 508-370-0228 for further details<--- mention LICENSED ASSOCIATE

Affiliates are vendors that have their own websites and that typically market products and services that are related in some way to getting children organized or to improving children's well being in some manner, whether by providing testing or assessment services or by providing counseling or psychotherapy services. The affiliates program will be established as an on-line program with automatic commission fulfillment through paypal. Watch for a link to this program in the coming months. Once in place, it will be possible to apply on-line, and once approved, you will be able to advertise our offerings on your website and refer customers to us so they can purchase o ur kit products directly. When a prospect you refer to us clicks through and actually purchases a kit product from our website, you will receive notification and an automatic commission payment will be completed through our gateway service.
> >Email us @ webmaster on our home page-mention "Become an Affiliate".

The purpose of this program is to establish VARS that sell directly to schools or school buying groups in regions around the country. VARS have the presence in a territory and the connection with the schools or school buying groups to provide volume delivery of product and to support the ongoing needs of the school or respective distribution vehicle used to support the school, whether a school book store or other means of providing replenishment or replacement product. VARS market and sell kitsExclusive territories are still available. VARS will be connected with affiliates and tutors in their territory in order to ensure that there is a coordinated effort to cover the customers in each geography. Please contact PEI directly and ask for the VAR Department. --->FURTHER DETAILS TO BE PROVIDED HERE/call 508-370-0228<--- mention VALUE ADDED RESELLER

The purpose of this program is to enable the acquisition and deployment of funds targeted specifically for the use of Organizing Literacytm Products and Services. These funds will be made available to qualifying or elected schools that meet the criteria for the grant opportunity. The primary criteria a school must meet for receiving a grant allocation will be based on financial need. Qualifying schools will be required to establish at least one resident expert for each grade level in which the program will be implemented, implement the Inventive Learningtm technology and the DAVIDtmmentoring system, and ensure the monitoring of the program through out the term. Your sponsorship will enable this important educational initiative to gain momentum. Your contribution will be synergistic to your goals and recognized here and in the community. When you visit the page showing the research results we have accomplished thus far, we ae sure you will want to join with us to increase the opportunities for the recipients of this program. Please contact us to learn more about how you can participate in this important national effort to deliver and install these innovative learning tools with elementary, middle, and high school children throughout the country. Our on-line grant matching system will both support the writing of qualifying grants as well as enable the matching of grant providers and qualifying schools. --->FURTHER DETAILS TO BE PROVIDED HERE/call 508-370-0228<--- mention GRANT SPONSOR

Revisit this page to find out more about the criteria and on-line application system that will match grants to schools in need of Organizing Literacy™ products and services. Schools will be given guidelines and an application procedure including compliance requirements for receiving awards. Please revisit this page for more information on this program.