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K-80: Find the tools that really help you get self-organized ...at any agetm;

If you are in grades 9-12 and have not had the opportunity to use the DocOA system, it's not to late and you are in for a treat. At this stage, you are ready to work with the pocket system in a "distributed configuration". If you purchase the 5 Subject Nested Pocket System, feel free to break the system into separate notebooks.

If you or your school are in 9th Grade Exploratory such as in a Technical Vocational School, you will want to implement our DocOA system using the Organize360/Physics Of Organizing. This program is specifically designed to support the 8 Step Design-Engineering Framework recommended by the National Center for Technology Literacy. If you are in the State of MA, the Physics of Organizing informs the state mandated MCAS for Design-Engineering and Technology Literacy.
See our workshop summary: download the framework and workbook sample.

See what Lynn Vocational Technical High School discovered with Organize360

After you watch this video, make the decision to proceed with a project and request a quote-do it now
contact us for a quote
we would like to help you make the right choice-it will take you 20 minutes
it will change the next 20 years of your students lives

Let your school know that they can implement this program in a single extended period Professional Development workshop for the entire teaching staff, allowing all teachers to participate in this model and reinforcment. Teachers will make and take a curriculum organizer based on DocOA. Then if the school implements the program, which runs under the name "The KnowThing Challenge", all students will have the DocOA for their make and take, using it for organizing all their academic papers! In this way everyone will be able to build on the same universal framework for organizing. This helps streamline classroom operations and improve student outcomes.

Let us know who to contact at your school. If you would like our assistance, contact us directly to find out how we can help you to implement this program in your Regional or Vocational High School.

If you have reached 11th grade and have yet to learn DocOA, get one of the 5 Subject systems and use it as a College Boundtm document organizier. If you are graduating from a VOC school, then consider using the DocOA as a job hunting document handler. You can use the same ideas proposed in the link following to program your DocOA for a job hunting document handler!

Click on the link below to learn how to use the system for preparing, organizing, and submitting your college applications. If you have more than 5 colleges, add more nested pockets to your system.

In the meantime, when you go to the shopping cart, products and services are organized by category of user and product, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for!

>>Click here if you are a mentor or student using the CollegeBoundtm Binder
to organize your college applications;

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