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HoopDreams Scholarship Fund participants HoopDreams Mentors and Students:
follow these guidelines
get self-organized
in your college application process

The binder you have received from the HoopDreams Scholarship Fund is designed to handle all of your college application papers. You will need to assemble the binder by nesting all of the pockets, in the same way as shown by the violet pocket set.

When you have assembled all the pockets and placed them in your binder, your binder is almost ready to go. The insert sheet in the binder kit should be reviewed carefully and all the pockets should be prelabled before you get going. The guidelines are on the back of this sheet. Take out a sharpie marker and label each of the pockets following the instructions provided.

Once under way, these pockets will be used to handle the papers you will prepare and file for each of your colleges. Put your stretch college first. Put your Match Colleges in the next set of pockets. Put your safe college at the back. You can organize up to 6 colleges in this binder. If you keep the active papers in each of the designated pockets, it will be easier for you to keep track of where you are in your effort to get accepted. It will be easier to share this information with your mentor, your guidance counselor, and your parent.

Be sure to archive any papers into a separate file folder for each college if the papers are not needed for your current work. If you decide to drop a college and start a new one, archive the old papers into a folder, and reuse the nested pocket set for the new college.

Good Luck with your hopes and dreams and please use the talk to us form if you have any questions or need additional assistance.