PEI announces upgraded line of Document OrganizIng System™ File Tools™ for 3-ring binders featuring Bookwindows® Notetaking and Program Your Notebook™ capability

PEI Press Release 2/1/2001 Contact Sharon Braun, President ProductiveEnvironments, Inc.
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Say goodbye once and for all to paper filled book bags and lockers! Document Organizing System™ File Tools™ for notebooks pick up where homework assignment calendars leave off, providing a complete solution for holding and filing each and every kind of paper that a student handles at school. The binder organizer File Tools™ fit any 3-ring binder and are designed for use by students from grade three through college as an all in one solution for handling school papers and records. They offer a powerful Program Your Notebook™ feature which utilizes a unique combination of forms, pockets, and pad holder to allow the student to configure and personalize the system based on their own level of organizing needs. There is finally a way for the student to get “self-organized” and stay organized day to day, week to week, and month to month, without loosing papers. The upgraded line offers a Starter Pack which handles (1) subject and includes a clever pop out pad holder and a set of self-teaching tools. There is a Multi-Subject Pack which handles (5) additional subjects, and there’s a “supplies closet” of Replenishment Supplies which provide replenishment pack outs of pockets, pads, and forms. Jim McDaniel, Head of Fay School’s Upper School 6-9 program, says, “I have yet to come across a piece that’s as universal and as geared toward teaching what we want students to learn about organization and use day to day as I have with the Document Organizing System™ notebook organizer. These tools optimize the productivity of the student in their daily performance of school work. ” The 3-ring binder kits are made available under the Pockets Plus brand, and a line of upgraded wire notebooks incorporating these powerful features is now available under the Einstein Pockets Plus™ brand

The binder organizer kits are being used by Sylvan Franchises to get kids organized. Claude Guidroz, VP of Business Development for Superior Learning Systems, Sylvan’s largest independent franchise owner, asks, “Have you ever had that student who just couldn’t keep all their papers together and turned in on time? Chances are you encounter this kind of student on a daily basis.” Further, “90% of the parents we interview have told us that organizing is a problem for their children.” Guidroz points out, “we often tell these kids to get organized, but we don’t give them the tools to accomplish the task. By addressing their document handling needs head on, we now have a way to solve this problem for the child, the teacher, and the parent alike.” He continued, “Sylvan already provides a unique and powerful array of courses that develop critical thinking in children. The document organizing and record keeping features of Pockets Plus™ notebook tools help to further stimulate the child’s critical thinking process. These tools fit right into our model for teaching kids how to “learn how to learn”. Once the “grammar of organizing” is mastered using these tools, all the other things we teach can be delivered more readily and the child can focus on content. I use the tools as a front end notebook organizing thread for our study skills course. The system makes the life of the teacher, parent, and student far easier. The fun part is introducing these tools to our students as a secret weapon they can use to get power over the process of managing their own portfolios of work. Accomplishing this step in all our programs is a critical leg in our effort to enable each and every student to boost their own performance.”

The reason PEI offered the product line directly to Sylvan was explained by Adam Forste, Vice President New Business Development at PEI, creator of the newly updated line of 8x11 1/2” document organizers. “Sylvan works with children every day and knows how difficult it is to track workflow. I knew we had a product that addressed this need, but I wanted to be absolutely sure that we hit the mark on ease of use. Since Sylvan teaches note book organizing as part of their study skills course, we felt Sylvan franchise owners would be our best critics. They gave us positive feedback on both the tools and our self-guided teachpak, allowing us to fine tune the final product.” Participating Sylvan franchises offer the products as optional material and provide hands on teaching and support.

“The great news is that the Superior Learning Systems franchise of Sylvan was so excited with the teachpak approach that they implemented it with students returning to school for this winter term”, commented David Schwartz, CEO of PEI. “They use every part of the system including the user guide, all of the patented pockets, the forms, the peel n’ tab labels, and the PopPad™ with Notepaper 2000™.” The products offer complete record keeping and document handling for every paper the child handles. The line was described as “a great tool, most beneficial, it kept the disorganized students organized.” The windowing note pad was singled out as a fun notetaking feature. The Copymaster™ forms for calendar, homework, and scheduling were recognized as being very useful complements to day planners and calendars. “The best part,” continued Schwartz, “ is that the products are simply drop shipped to franchise centers and they engage the student, handle the initial instruction, and provide the on-going maintenance.

The PocketsPlus line, including the new TeachPak starter kit, is being manufactured under patent license from PEI by a team of established stationery product manufacturers who already provide mass market versions of the products which sell at many fine retail stores under brand names such as Pockets Plus from Roaring Spring Paper Products and SwingPad from the Renner Davis division of Specialty Loose Leaf. The upgraded line of 3-ring binder kits are available from participating Sylvan franchises. Individuals and schools can contact PEI directly to find out how to implement the system at home or in their own districts.