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HoopDreams Foundation-June 2007    (download PDF)

Press Release June 3, 2007
The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, empowering Washington, DC inner-city youth since 1996
Adopts the DAVIDtmCollegeBoundtm Binder System

Rachel Cleaver, Program Director The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund 800 K St, NW, Suite 1100 South Washington, DC 20001 202.289.6478 phone 202.289.6154 fax

David Schwartz CEO Productive Education LLC 945 Concord St. Framingham Ma 01701 508-370-0228 508-460-9277 Fax

The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, empowering Washington, DC inner-city youth since 1996, has helped nearly 800 public school students accomplish their dreams of attending college through a combination of mentoring, internships, college prep, and SAT prep partnership with The Princeton Review. Hoop Dreams has secured over $3 million in academic scholarships while building bridges of understanding between diverse communities.

Students that are accepted into the Hoop Dreams program have varying exposure to writing and organizational skills. Mentors, staff, teachers and parents all help assist the students in this essential part of the college application process. However, many times deadlines and assignments fall through the cracks.

Susie Kay, Hoop Dreams President and Founder discovered the DAVIDtm BinderBuddies® system in discussion with David Schwartz, CEO of Productive Education LLC( and they realized that the DAVIDtm would be a useful tool for organizing the college application process for the students in the Hoop Dreams program. PE LLC provided the students with a simple set of instructions for using their proven BinderBuddies® system for this new application and named the system CollegeBoundtm in honor of this application with Hoop Dreams.

Each Hoop Dreams student is required to apply to at least six colleges. The DAVIDtm has a separate nested folder for each of the schools. This allowed students and mentors to easily organize all materials in a uniform way for each college applied to. Since the system was transparent and had a uniform way to categorize all the papers, it allowed all of the people assisting and supporting the student to easily track the progress of the student.

Probably even more important, as a way to level the playing field, many of the students were in need of a basic organizing framework that they could reuse in class, so it was hoped that the driver  application of applying to college would provide an exciting crucible for the students to use the system as a way to learn the fundamentals of filing and organizing. Many students continued to use the system to organize scholarship applications when the college application process was complete.

Overall, the DAVIDtm was beneficial to our students. In the past students would have papers floating around lockers, crushed in book bags, and folded in books. This year, students were able to keep all of their materials organized and secure. It made it so much easier for each of the students to own the process and be competent at keeping track of their own progress in the college application process, they nicknamed the binder system the Miracle Binder  commented Rachel Cleaver, Hoop Dreams Program Director.

It has always been my goal to give our students as many resources as possible. We have been so pleased with the functionality and assistance from PE LLC at every turn in this pilot.  added Susie Kay, President and Founder.

As a long time mentor, I have been designing binders for my students that are similar to this from products I have cobbled together from one store or another each year. However, they did not offer as much of the functionality and the features as this year s binder! This binder was really a fit for the students, so they continued to use it as it was designed, and it definitely helped my student stay organized,  according to Monica Logan  Hoop Dreams Mentor

Lauren Williams, Hoop Dreams Student. Added You might want to call this binder a keep up with me organizer,  because if I didn t have this binder then I wouldn t know if I would be as successful in my college search and application process. I am extremely grateful to the company that donated these binders. If their intention was to provide students with a better way to organize their work, and college collateral, then they have succeeded in just that. 

Hoop Dreams strives to help students accomplish their goal of going to college. We are grateful for the support and commitment of PE LLC in helping us provide materials and support for our students. It takes many people to send a student to college and PE LLC has been a great supporter of this work.

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